Alessandro Gasbarri


...I listened to the deceitful thoughts

Eco del Mare

In physics, deceitful thoughts re-emerge shaped like considerably unstable fetishes, laying on the ground or hovering. They have insolent look and transport the seed of a renewed existence. At a certain time, by mutual consent, they perform preparatory acts in order to ascribe to themselves a conscience.  They scan my movements with the metrical cadence of nocturnal beings: they want to seize the promised ratio. It is a disgusting war, and it always ends in their favour. With satirical skill, they capture multi-cellular fragments of my essence. It looks like a harmful birth. Enraged consciences, yet full of catastematic lymph, get out of my womb. It’s a great pleasure to look at them while they play together”.
“Aufheben” (getting over while retaining), it is a philosophical principle that I reproduce, through the language of a recovered matter, as an undoubted powerful syllogism: which finds it’s explosion either in a technical point of view, considering that each piece of work is the synthesis (or the creative tool)  of the refuse of the one that preceded it, or in a conceptual approach: “getting over”, as an “evolution”, cannot prescind from  the power of “conservation”. It begins this way, the dynamics of the “cure” as reparation (and sublimation) of both body and soul against the agony of using, consuming and throwing away .“To cure oneself” means acceptance of pain and evolutional catharsis. “Uneasiness “as the foundation of the modern rebirth building.

Alessandro Gasbarri
I met Alessandro Gasbarri two years ago, in summer 2013. A self-taught artist with an education in classical humanities, then close to a law degree, he was showing his first solo exhibition in the interior  of a 16th  century gate in Velletri, a small town near Rome where he lives and works. In this first exhibition (“Phenomenology of listening and deconstruction of time: metals and thoughts”) Alessandro led me through ancient objects covered with rust, outcome of his personal recovering, around which were palpitating echoes of stories – bound with existential experiences- that the young artist was clarifying and through which he was leading us on the route across the displayed works... 
Aufheben, getting over retaining


Hardback: 52 pages
Publisher: David Ghaleb Publisher (15 July 2015)
Series: art catalogs
Language: Italian, English, German
ISBN-10: 8898178603
ISBN-13: 978-8898178605
Text critic Mark: Nocca (Prof. at Fine Arts Academy of Rome)
German translation: Ernst Reinhard Pfingst
English translation: Aldo Bandinelli
Photo: Marco Pistolesi