Alessandro Gasbarri


...Fraudulent conditioning uselessly try to mortify what’s already accomplished, but in nature’s melody recovers that flame of chaos, which is therapy to the obscure evil that compels him to terrestrial contact.
He is an unstable being...
Evolution in defecation
Eco del Mare
Alessandro Gasbarri was born in Albano Laziale in 1983. His childhood spent between two eras, one of them considering, with nostalgia, the (fragmentary) conservation of peasants traditions, whereas the other one dealing with the threshold of technocratic evolution represents a fertile field for an emotional development characterized by “contaminations”.
In 2003, he graduates and then starts legal studies, although passion for art and philosophy would have then suggested radically different choices. Really, it is just this  dichotomy between norm, as an expression of (supposed) order and abstract art, symptomatic  of (supposed) disorder, that will start the spark that inspired Alessandro to take his first art/conceptual route: “phenomenology of listening and time deconstruction”.
A route that begins in 2003 with “social stables” and ends in 2013 with “the wound”. 2014 will seamlessly be particularly prolific. Actually, the second art/conceptual route then begins: “Aufheben, getting over retaining”, displayed within the suggestive walls of the Scuderie Aldobrandini in Frascati.
For Alessandro substance and thought are an unavoidable duo, necessary for a sound spread of art virus together with emotional pandemic.