Alessandro Gasbarri
  • Phenomenology of listening  and deconstruction of time

    Phenomenology of listening  and deconstruction of time

Repeal, follows reflection. In flesh’s madness stays the dishonest thought. I remain immersed in boredom and I fight the primary sin...

Deductive platter
il mare
My works are born from earth. The same mother of the consumed fruits, patiently supplies objects, deceased by now, waiting for an autonomous and silent destruction. Their being (not becoming anymore) incites my thoughts, perturbed by their own sliding speed that they have found a physical support to hang to. Metaphysics into physics, soul in physique.Real objects, things made for daily usage , and then, for an eternal disuse they can live a second childhood, providing that thoughts that inspire them aren’t cunning, rarefied; under penalty of going back inevitably towards the oblivion of degeneration”. Along this particular route made of metal, objects and syllogisms it’s my care to inform the observer that the above-mentioned works represent the synthesis of two fundamental dynamics: “listening”, from a phenomenological and metaphysical point of view, and “time”, as a “substratum” propaedeutic for a more dignified existence (or resistance).

Alessandro Gasbarri