Alessandro Gasbarri


    Teatro dei Dioscuri, Sant’Andrea al Quirinale - Rome
    contest exhibition
    2015, 27 May to 6 June

Contest exhibition "ARTEPEROGGI"

Evidently, she has always loved (misleading) the use of compound words, because phonetic superabundance and strengthening of nouns and verbs causes an addiction to articulated language that thrills the most remote corners of the psyche. So she expected as a cure for her modern neurosis a strong and wealthy administering of composed words with a very short interval, while within a few minute’s pause she demanded for an iconoclastic dose of combined periods thus to feel sure and protected as in a maternal womb. However the excess of protection, within certain moments of the day, caused remarkable allergic reactions, enough to force her to take homeopathic pills of experienced life, gobbled with a drop of obscenity. Retroactive sincerity, because I couldn’t do anything else than suffer, in those conditions, when minute emotions blew up before my lenses, when abstract came alive and I felt I was going mad. It is for sure that if she would have decided to put an end to that devastated existence, she would have had to yield to familiar requests which, in a non univocal way, clamoured for diversified  sacrifices. “Acts intended to” was the most futuristic expression she could think at, and actually I couldn’t ask for more (in that peculiar state) but, rationality is the last thing you can expect or desire anyhow, from a wandering mind like hers. “To find out god” she said later on, just like a resounding advertisement that shows the effects of the marketable issue with the unique aim to make the relocating companies’ profits rise; as usual environment is the loser, apparently irremovable in front of alien minded creatures’ decisions which inhabit it, as advanced and materialized as foolish and devoted to antisocial and regressive practices. It’s his medicine, and this was meant to be a sample of how it works on subjects affected  by his same pathology: hypochondriac self disease.
Alessandro Gasbarri

Pharmaceutical colouring on canvas. Mixed media.
60 x 80 x 12 cm - 80 x 120 x 13 cm - 120 x 150 x 14 cm