Alessandro Gasbarri


    Teatro dei Dioscuri, Sant’Andrea al Quirinale - Rome
    group exhibition
    14 - 30 september 2015

Dreamlike story - triptych
Beautiful shining sun yesterday. After lunch, the quietness in a lonely house stimulates  imagination towards a fitful loosening of the cells of which my thoughts are made of. A cigarette combustion goes with them in a short, still intense, trip. It’s upsetting to reduce body’s movements  to just an “ up and down” of that mechanical arm, which enables to play the oral embers’ melody. Let the oxygenation lower and allow a light trace of narcoleptic  tiredness to show itself for what it is.
Flavour everything with a taste of domestic nature; the mewing of a curious cat breaks combustion’s harmony and compels the travelling thoughts to leave imagination’s motorway at once. The penalty for his curiosity consists in the tale of a business without any competition: rummaging sewers in search of abandoned material  to deal at the market, among which hats, shoes, bins, wet wood faggots( therefore fireproof), buckets of  soot. It was a great success.
Alessandro Gasbarri

(self-made) pigment with soot and engine burnt oil on canvas.
Mixed media
66 x 66 cm