Alessandro Gasbarri


    Scuderie Aldobrandini - Frascati
    solo exhibition
    2014, 25 October to 5 November

Discovering , within nothingness,
the essence of a renewed existence...
and the becoming moulds
by means of a matter which is not strained nor restless anymore,
but mild and silent.
About moral value of Aufheben and its artistic declension.
A contemporary art exhibition  illuminates itself with immensity if and only if conceptualized in artist’s life. Hence an artistic product is an end in itself ( and therefore a mere academic  exercise) if decontextualized  from artist’s ethics.
“Aufheben” (getting over retaining), is a universal concept, a global commandment mightily confirmed by the dialectics of reality: thesis, antithesis and synthesis. Thus my works aim to be the symbol, or the (indelible) stain of an outdated, still preserved, past; the wheeze of a sublimation. Pain ( pivot and base for this route) must be revered, ordained, metabolized, tamed.
In former times, such  reflections were burned together with their owner. Nowadays they exist on the fringes of society: it’s human indifference. Nevertheless, the  primordial tenderness of your gaze (lost and found again, at the same time ) unveiled to me like an unlimited and lethal source of wealth.
Being so close to  your true self made me a king( the listening king). My  passion turned into a mission, of war and peace and, like any mission worthy of its name, I solemnly swear to persevere with resistance; and to fight for existence.
A robin browsed within my works: it lied suavely here and there. I’ve seen it getting  into  a glass case in the underlying  archaeological museum. I doubt it got out alive. A symbol, a mark.
In art, with art, for art.

Alessandro Gasbarri
Scuderie Aldobrandini
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